Located in the GrandMarc building at 2858 W. Berry Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76109

The Science Lab

Bar & Grille


The bar formerly known as XII


So we always had to explain -- it's twelve. You know, like the Roman numeral, twelve? Not seven. Not twenty?! Seven would be VII. And some people called us thirteen. Really? What's the good game luck in that?


See... identity crisis. That's one of the many reasons why XII needed a re-do.


XII is now The Science Lab Bar & Grille.

And you guessed it. The Lab serves test tube shots!


XII featured a full service kitchen, full service bar, a pretty quiet study pad by day, eleven TVs to watch your favorite teams in the afternoon and evening, and then XII transformed into a live entertainment venue late at night.


Generally speaking, The Lab offers the same. Our kitchen menu is newly created by Hollywood! Our drinks menu can include a specimen like a worm or comes served smoking with dry ice! It's still quiet during the day (kid-friendly, zoo moms) and a line down the street in the middle of the night. Some things never change...


So... did you see us on TV? We were on it!


XII/The Lab is conveniently located on TCU campus in the GrandMarc building between Citi and Café Brazil. Pull up a stool. We're happy to card ya.

XII is now known to patrons as The Lab and our new site is: http://www.thesciencelabbar.com